Promoting Health

Apologies for the long wait between posts! Here’s a bit a wrote on Monday, but couldn’t publish because of failed internet:

I had a fabulous day at the clinic. The morning was normally great—spoke with a bunch of patients, went on a few wild goose chances in search of lost meds, got to learn about some interesting patient cases, had a couple cups of coffee.  This afternoon was the real highlight. I gave a little talk on cervical cancer to the Promotoras, a group of eight women from the various communities near the clinic whom the clinic employs for outreach education in their own neighborhoods. What a lovely, inspiring group! Melee, Miss Peggy’s assistant and women’s health extraordinaire, leads the program with a local, Miss Emily. Today was the final meeting of their training. After our discussion about the causes, signs, risk factors, and prevention measures of cervical cancer, we celebrated the ladies’ accomplishments. A reporter from a local television station attended, video taping the remarks Miss Peggy, Melee, and Doctor Raymond made. I translated for Miss Peggy, which was a bit nerve wracking, but really cool! Who knows, maybe I’ll make it on the Bay Islands TV channel. After the presentation of certificates, we all enjoyed chocolate cake and fresh orange juice. Delish!

This meeting totally reaffirmed my desire to not only be a health provider, but also an educator. The Promotoras are all so special—I know they will have a huge impact in their communities and empower their neighbors to take ownership of their health. Contributing a bit to their training was so fulfilling. I’m so glad I got to witness this incredible program!


One thought on “Promoting Health

  1. Wow, Hannabelle!! You are doing extraordinary work at such a young age!!! I am bursting with pride!! I sure wish I could see you in action. I bet all those women were so grateful and impressed ❤.
    Only about another 4-5 weeks and you’ll be home. The summer is truly flying. Thanks for the blogs! I check daily for updates. Love you, Auntie

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