Lazy Saturday

I loved getting to show my parents around the island for the past week—it was like each place reinvented itself for me, like I was experiencing them as wide-eyed newcomer. It was so fun! We also sampled some of the island’s offerings that I otherwise would not have tried…aka the fancier side of things. But the best part, by far, was getting to spend quality time with my wonderful padres. Everyone who met them adored them. I hope they get a chance to return to the island as clinic volunteers! Here’s a photo of Dad and me in West End:

Dad and I at the West End turnaround.

Last night, all of the volunteers and a few members of the clinic staff went out to dinner to celebrate the work of Tami, Cathy, Ben, and James, who have to leave this weekend. We went to Bites on the Beach, a restaurant in West Bay that is an expansive deck connected to various platforms and docks over the water. What a lovely spot! Even the power outage that lasted for the entire evening couldn’t spoil the fun. Here are some photos of the occasion, including the first group photo I’ve managed to snap yet:

Jiz, Michelle, and I in our island-fancy outfits.

The entire group–volunteers, staff, and related family members.

While I was sad to see my parents leave yesterday, I have really enjoyed the change of pace today. This morning, I slept in, made banana and walnut pancakes for Michelle’s and my breakfast, then finally got to skype with Cam. It was so great to finally see my wonderful boyfriend’s face! I’m nearly trembling with excitement for his visit in 12 days.

Two hours ago, I headed over to the clinic to help Carla, the incredible woman who first brought patients to Miss Peggy and has worked to make the clinic a reality for a decade. She teaches a prenatal class every Saturday. Today, we reviewed female pelvic anatomy and the basics of pregnancy before talking about the behavioral changes women need to make while pregnant. I learned a bunch of useful phrases for use in the clinic, like “la panza” (belly) and “el cuello del útero” (another phrase for cervix). Carla asked me to help teach the next class!

Tami stopped by a few hours ago after a rather shocking swim. She saw what she thinks was an 8 foot long barracuda!!! The water visibility (the “viz,” as the hardcore divers say) was pretty poor in the shallows, so she only caught glimpses of the gnarly, protruding jaw, a beady eye, and the long, thin silhouette. She immediately headed back in to shore and won’t even think about going back out off our dock. Somehow, Jiz and Alexis managed to talk me into going out an hour ago…we saw lots of cool things and no barracudas, gracias al cielo!


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