Happy 4th!

To honor the most American holiday of the year (besides the Superbowl and Thanksgiving), the clinic is closed today! I completed the first half of the academics for my SCUBA certification this morning. Now the volunteers and I are off to French Key for the day and French Harbor for dinner and karaoke. Should be a blast! I will be posting lots of photos from the July 4th adventure soon. For now, here’s a pic of Maia and me sharing a plain-looking, but magnificent-tasting, Monkey La La (the official drink of the island!):

Monkey La La: kalua, coconut cream, baileys, vodka, rum, sometimes ice cream…so dangerously delicious!


2 thoughts on “Happy 4th!

  1. I chuckle reading the absolutely perfect “dangerously delicious” description of a Monkey La La!
    Yes, and happy 4th to our far flung patriot! Enjoy your day. It sounds like a great blend of fun and adventure and celebration.
    And please sing a karaoke rendition of The Star Spangled Banner loud enough so we can hear you here in Palo Alto! Hahaha😘love you😍

  2. A Monkey La La??? I think I foresee the drink menu for your coming home celebration!!! So thrilled you’re enjoying yourself, Han. Love you, Auntie

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