Cool Rain

Yesterday was a pleasantly peculiar day–the sky was overcast all day, and a fresh ocean breeze continuously rustled the palm fronds. I emerged from a long, busy Monday shift at the clinic to find the air cool and refreshing. After some much-needed relaxation, Jenna, Maia, Dee, and I went on a kayak adventure. We paddled west along the coast, passing through the narrow channels separating Roatán from two small islands. Anthony’s Key, a spectacular resort up the road from the clinic, sits on the beach property in this area and has about twenty guest cabins on stilts in the shallows of these islands. The resort also has a series of large enclosures in the second channel where they keep dolphins. I could hear their trills when I stuck me head under water! The pod performs shows here and swims with guests.

The sun was just about setting when we headed out. By the time we traversed the first channel, a nearly-full moon shimmered on the water and illuminated the scenery surrounding us. It was the most picturesque twilight scene I’ve ever experienced. I felt a complete sense of contentment, even after Dee playfully capsized Jenna’s and my kayak twice! With the busy schedule, challenging roles in the clinic, adjustment to living in a new place, sweltering humidity, and missing my wonderful boyfriend, family, and friends, my past two weeks have been a bit taxing. I finally feel settled and secure here, and can’t wait to show this amazing place to my parents in late July and Cam in August!

After dinner last night, the cool weather fulfilled its promise of rain: it poured down for hours last night! It was magnificent. This was the first tropical drench I’ve witnessed here. The freshness it brought made for some very comfortable snoozing!

My role in the clinic has shifted: I now shadow and interpret for providers. These past two days I worked with Ginger, a very sweet nurse practitioner from the states, who speaks very little Spanish. Back in the US, she specializes in OBGYN care, so we got to do lots of prenatal visits and routine reproductive care. I used a Doppler instrument for the first time to magnify the fetal heartbeat, which was very exciting! Two of the patients I saw satisfy the requirements for giving birth at the clinic–the birth must be at least the mother’s second delivery and must not show any signs of a complication–and both plan to deliver here. I hope so much that I get to witness a birth during my time here!

I have loved getting to use my Spanish, both medical and coloquial, every day here. I feel so comfortable! And so appreciated by my patients. The people here are so friendly and welcoming, always exchanging an “Hola” or “Buenos días” with me when we pass in the street. I hope to come out of this experience with some new Honduran expressions…hopefully a local “pura vida” equivalent!


2 thoughts on “Cool Rain

  1. What an amazing description of a full day, well lived in a new tropical paradise. I love how you get out there (be it in clinic or outdoors) and live it to the fullest. Very inspiring!
    Meanwhile I miss you, but am so happy to hear your stories!

  2. I’m looking forward to hearing how your work with the OBGYN nurse goes- sounds perfect for you! And it’s so good to hear that you are feeling more comfortable with you Spanish, particularly for medical use!

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