A Full Weekend

The tail end of this past weekend was quite eventful. Sunday began with some long-awaited internet time–finally the connection was fast! Next, the group headed to Rudy’s, a cafe on the outskirts of West End, that is famous for its fruit smoothies and banana pancakes. Of course, Michelle and I had to try both, so we split an order of cakes and a mango-coconut smoothie. It was incredible! Being the serial food-mixer that I am, I drenched my pancake with the melty part of the smoothie. It was like the most vibrant fruit syrup ever, except cold and fresh! I got some strange looks, but thoroughly enjoyed the combo.

Next, we took a water taxi to West Bay. What a ride! Here are some photos of the lovely scenary and beautiful company:

Model Michelle sporting my ridiculous pink hat!

Clara, Trevor, Megan, and Michelle (from left to right).

View from the water taxi.

Hitting the beach.

I spent the rest of the day in the best possible ways: cheering on the Spanish National Team to victory in the Euro Cup Finals, chatting online with Cam, snorkeling, and playing beach volleyball. Although the internet connection was bad, and the Clínica Esperanza Lightening got trounced many times, I had a lovely day! To top it off, we all headed to Smugglers, a fabulous restaurant on the Western point of the island. After a nearly-eternal wait (“island time”), we gobbled down the restaurant’s famous Lobster Nachos. They came in deep casserole dishes piled high with cheese, veggies, chips, and succulent crustacean, each of which we split between four people.

What a day! I hope to repeat all of these activities with my visiters, my parents this month and Cam in August!


2 thoughts on “A Full Weekend

  1. Sounds like you couldn’t have had a nicer time, Hanna! I’m so glad you e met some so derecho friends and that you’re all partaking in the splendors of the island. You’re descriptions are crystal clear!
    Lake Tahoe has been great, though the water here is 52 degrees. Yikes!
    Can’t wait to read your next blog. Love you, Auntie

    • Not sure what derecho means!! Meant to type wonderful!! B (doesn’t derecho mean ” to the right???)

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