El Laberinto

This morning, Michelle, Jenna, Megan, and I walked about a mile down the beach to my now-favorite snorkeling spot. After a five-minute swim out from shore, we reached a huge expanse of coral formations. Channels ranging in depth from five feet to a foot cut through ridges of coral that barely poked out of the water. It was a true underwater labyrinth! Navigating through the maze was so fun—sometimes I would suck in my tummy and barely be able to propel myself through a shallow, narrow spot by waving my hands back and forth. The water clarity was fantastic, and there were tons of fish I hadn’t seen before. I especially liked seeing a collection of about fifteen fish of different species that were all miniature versions of bigger ones I see regularly—it was like a diverse elementary school!! (heehee pun intended)


Yesterday was quite the extravaganza. After clinic, Michelle and I cooked up a lunch feast: she made yucca and onion fries, which were amazing, and I made a green salad. Most satisfying home-cooked meal yet! We were very proud of ourselves. Later that afternoon, five of us drove to Coxen Hole to go grocery shopping. I was so happy to find my favorite cereal, Kashi Crunch with Honey and Almonds! Although I had to shell out 120 lempiras ($6)…worth it. Michelle and I stocked up on some lovely looking produce—grapes, zucchini, tomatoes, peppers, garlic, melon, kiwi—that we’re excited to cook into more delish concoctions this week.


For dinner last night, we hosted a Taco Night Potluck. We made two salsas, mango and pico de gallo, and sautéed peppers and onions. Others brought guacamole, coconut beans and rice, chicken, beef, fried fish, lettuce, and cheese. The finishing touch was mojitos and piña coladas. Quite the production! Everything was delicious.


Here’s a photo of this lil guy that has been filling in for Pippa:

I shall call him Hombre Verde.





2 thoughts on “El Laberinto

  1. Oh jeez Han! Snorkeling and Pot-lucking sound amazing. Being able to just flop in the water and snorkel to a reef is my dream! What is your current favorite fish species? Xoxoxox momsy

    • Ooo I’m not sure what the species is exactly (no trusty fish book here). It’s a midnight-blue fish with neon blue / green spots regularly dotting of its sides. It looks like a small angel fish. So brilliant!

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