The Hottest Day Yet

It’s ridiculously hot and humid today. I woke up sweating and haven’t stopped since. Even inside the clinic, which has air conditioning!

In the last 24 hours, I’ve seen some crazy animals. Yesterday afternoon, I went snorkeling kind of by myself–there were other people out in the water, but I don’t know them well. My fellow volunteer Rachel was hanging out on the dock a few hundred yards away. Like usual, I swam out past the long rock that sticks out of the water. The best snorkeling is right on the other side of this rock, along the bench of coral that hangs over a steep drop in the ocean floor. I puttered along slowly past the rock, enjoying the brilliant colors of the fish and coral below me. I looked up to check how much farther I had to go before reaching the beginning of the stretch of deep blue. Right in front of me, about 10 feet away, hanging a foot below the surface, was the sleekest, shiniest fish I’ve ever seen. A barracuda!! It’s body angled away from me, so I had trouble gauging it’s length. It seemed about five inches thick. Anyway, I didn’t give myself much time to judge it’s size–I immediately turned around and sprint-swam away from that spot. I didn’t even look back to see if it followed.

Later that afternoon, I heard from a local that the big barracuda–longer than four feet and thicker across than the one I had seen–are the dangerous ones. Apparently, the small ones generally do not chase or attack humans. The guy told me that barracuda are very territorial. One chased him all the way back in to the beach a week ago at this same spot. Eek! I’m a bit nervous to go back out, but the plan is to go out today with Michelle. I’ll keep you updated!

Today, I saw a mini dinosaur. I swear, it must be a relative of a those skinny, vicious ones from Jurassic Park! Basically, it was a foot-long lizard with a sharp, inch-long crest on its neck and head. So cool! It was gripping the trunk of a small tree next to the clinic. I’m bummed the photos I snapped of it didn’t turn out great. Here’s one anyway.

Mini Dinosaur

Mini Dinosaur

The Kitchen

As per request, here are some photos of the condo and our view of the ocean. So lovely!

Daytime View of Sandy Bay

Sandy Bay at Sunset




3 thoughts on “The Hottest Day Yet

  1. Hi Han- LOVE the pics! What a beautiful spot! The water looks so calm and flat. Is Sandy Beach (great name by the way!) in the mainland side of the island, hence it is calmer? Do you snorkel off your beach? The barracuda description and dinosaur lizard are crazy wild sounding yaaaaaaa!

    You kitchen looks roomy and very functional. Do you and Michelle cook meals together?

    Pippa met Taliha tonight and just couldn’t get enough of her. Unfortunately, Taliha had had enough after one sniff and kept trying to go home! Who will be Pippa’s best doggie friend? I know Cal Pup would have loved her wag wag wag wag smiling pant!
    Love you Pepe

    • Sandy Bay is on the Caribbean side, not the mainland side. I’ll post another map for clarification! Michelle and I really enjoy cooking together–we have similar styles and tastes, but still learn from each other! We love snorkeling right off our dock. It’s the best! Can’t wait to show you soon.

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