Today I woke up shivering. Shivering! I couldn’t believe it. When I went outside, I was astonished to feel a cool breeze and see white caps out in the ocean! The water is generally glassy and flat, reflecting the sweltering sunlight by 6:30 AM.

The coolness persisted through the 2-minute walk to the clinic (see photos of my commute below). My work day began as usual: a slow start in the pharmacy as the providers arrived and saw their first patients. Around the time when we all get hungry, 11:00 AM or so, the banana donut guy was nowhere to be found. Another exciting event distracted me from this bummer–Michelle taught me how to give injections! First, I administered a 3ml injection of diclofenac, a pain medication, in the poor patient’s hiney. Even though this shot usually stings a bit, she told me she didn’t feel a thing! My second injection, 1 ml vitamin B12 into another patient’s upper arm, went just as well. So exciting!

Tonight is Trivia Night at one of the resorts by Infinity Bay. Let’s hope they go easy on the Sports questions!

The adorable clinic sign

My commute.


3 thoughts on “Waves

  1. Wow Han, you have the most lovely rural health clinic experience ever! I love the commute and signage! Post some photos of the clinic, if you can. We’d love to see your work environment and where you do your thing.

    Also, please post photos of your house and any views if you get a chance!

    Love you darlin’!

  2. Dear Hanna,

    What brought the waves? I’m sure Tropical Storm Debbie is too far away as it has been bringing tons of rain to Florida. It sure sounds like you are learning a lot at the clinic. I’m confused is Monday a day off? I can’t wait for more snorkeling stories!

    I came home today at lunch to be with Pippa. She had been by herself more that 4 hours and was so pleased to see me! Her tails was wagging so fast that she almost fell over!

    Love Dad.

    • She’s so energetically precious! We work Monday through Friday from 7:30 to about 2:30 or 3. We get this Wednesday off for July 4th, yippeeee! I’m going to try to fit in some SCUBA training then. Can’t wait to dive with you!

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