(Belated) Monday Monday

Internet access has been spotty lately. Here is the post I wrote yesterday but couldn’t publish until today:

Today was quite the shock after the relaxation and luxuries of Sunday. Yesterday, after sleeping in until 8:30 (so late!), all of the volunteers, Miss Peggy, and Dee headed up to Infinity Bay Resort. I spent the entire day by the pool, on the beach, or in the water. It was fantastic!

My third shift in the clinic today was hectic. Tuan, my fellow pharmacist, and I scrambled around the pharmacy frantically, barely keeping up with the prescriptions flooding in. All in all, I think our hard work paid off—we managed to catch and fix a couple mistakes and didn’t make many ourselves. My experiences today clarified a few questions I had about the pharmacy protocol, which should help to make my next shifts go more smoothly.

Tonight, I finally tried iguana. I decided that reptiles are basically fish, so I’m not violating my pesquetarianism. =D Let’s just say that it was interesting…I don’t think I ever need to try reptile again. Here are some photos—it kind of pains me to post them…

Adventurous eating with iguana

Check out that scaly skin.




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