Saturday in the Sun

My first weekend on the island is off to a brilliant start! In the morning (at 8 AM…my only complaint of the day) the volunteer crew headed east on foot and by kayak. We stopped at Spooky Channel, a snorkeling site known for its (supposedly) 90 feet deep trench that cuts through the reef starting about 150 yards offshore. Despite having to dodge the little, clear jellyfish that floated around the surface, we spied tons of cool critters. My favorite was a long, thick, orange

worm with protrusions that look like little broccoli florets all along its length. Next, we swam almost a mile east to another spot. The reef there was in the shallows–at times my tummy would graze the reeds and my back would be out of the water–and there were tons of fish. I saw two cuddle fish and a whopper that we haven’t identified yet. It barely had lateral fins and swam by waving its dorsal and ventral fins. It looked like a blue-grey, skinny sun fish. Pretty cool!

After all that swimming and the walk on the beach back home, we were famished. Michelle and I hosted the rest of the volunteers for brunch, with french toast, pancakes, omelets, and lots of coffee. Yum! It’s been a lovely, adventurous, and relaxing day.

Hanna and Michelle making Omelets

Tonight, we’re off to a restaurant that serves iguana. Is that vegetarian??


4 thoughts on “Saturday in the Sun

  1. That sounds like a remarkable amount of romping around the island of Roatan, Hanna! What did you think of the iguana? Was it roasted on a spit as I guessed? Thank you for the update–such vivid description! We all look forward to your next adventure (I’m sharing your blog with the Foreman fam, if that’s alright:).
    Love you!

  2. Hi Han,
    Love your description of snorkeling. Also lived the photo of your kitchen. Not too shabby!! Keep those photos coming!
    How was the iguana? Just like alligator?
    I’m so glad you’re meeting such wonderful people in Paradise. Can’t wait to hear more about your work. Love you! Auntie

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